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How to Shop for Bed Sheets Online Like a Pro

If you’re like most of us, buying sheets online seems like an intimidating prospect. After all, you’re usually making these purchases sight unseen, and that can be scary! Luckily, though, there are plenty of ways to make sure you get exactly what you want when shopping online for sheets. This handy guide walks you through each step of the process so that you can shop with confidence from any retailer online. You don’t have to worry about returning your sheet set either; we’ll show you how to avoid that hassle as well!

Tips on picking the perfect bed sheets

  1. Choose 100% cotton: No matter what type of fabric you like best, always choose 100% cotton sheets. Not only do they last longer and feel softer than their synthetic counterparts, but cotton Crimson Crochet’s bed sheets are also more breathable and durable than those made from other materials.
  1. Stay away from cheap bedding sets: If you have your heart set on buying a particular style of bedding, such as flannel sheets or satin pillowcases, be sure to shop around before settling on one set in particular. Cheaper sets often look cheaply made (and sometimes even feel that way) because they are poorly constructed using low-quality fabrics and stitching techniques. Instead, invest in high-quality bedding that will stand up to repeated washings and use over time without losing its shape or luster.
  1. Whether you’re shopping online or in-store, make sure you do your homework first. Read some product reviews, check out a variety of options, and make sure you aren’t being swayed by emotion (or marketing). Once you have your short list of items in mind, don’t be afraid to ask questions before making a purchase. Buyer’s remorse is real—but it is easily avoidable if you do your research beforehand.
  1. Standard sizes, queen or king-size bedsheet, can be different from your mattress depth. If your mattress is tall or if you use any mattress topper, do measure before you buy. One should always anticipate some shrinkage after laundering. Generally, Crimson Crochet’s bed sheets that fit up to big mattresses are recommended.
  1. One of the most important factors in selecting sheets is determining whether they are made of good quality. The fabric should be smooth and flexible, not stiff or plastic-like. The weave should also be tight so that it drapes well over your mattress and doesn’t stretch out easily with use. After all, you will likely be sleeping on these sheets every night; you want them to feel as comfortable and relaxing as possible!
  1. If you’re going to shop online, here are some best practices that will help you get exactly what you want and deserve. Be sure to
  1. Pay with your credit card so that you can dispute fraudulent charges.
  2. read product reviews and Get free shipping.
  3. Read product descriptions carefully.
  4. Avoid buying products from sketchy-looking sites; even if they seem legit at first glance, (they probably are not).
  5. Do not forget about Consumer Reports magazine.